Few things I like from there, but the MOST the MOST that I like from the ant arc was the bad guy playing and talking with a girl. Better? Greed island and Hunter exam are like a 6 at best. It's placement is hardly it's fault or is it valid point in criticism. Same goes for Killua and his Hatsu. Though enjoyed by people of all genders and ages, its target demographic is boys, ages 12-18. fun night overall actually. Every arc has some anti-fans. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the HunterXHunter community. I believe this is one of the reasons why some readers and viewers were disappointed with the Greed Island arc. going to be pretty great with Super entering its first actual arc, JoJo hitting it stride, and Greed Island coming to a close. In some arcs such as the Greed Island and Chimera Ant arcs he takes off the jacket and wears only the tank top. I loved how Killua was all about meeting Aunt Mito. Oct 25, 2017 22,814. i imagine this is kinda like how older readers felt back when they thought greed island would be the arc right after yorkshin, since greed island was their goal at that point. Only arcs 8/10or higher are Yorknew and Chimera ant >All villains are likable Not true with greed island and the Dark continent expedition. In my opinion, the Greed Island arc wasn't meant to be a badass arc like the Yorknew City arc. 0. The action is still great and there is a lot of it. All arcs have this goal in mind to varying degrees and arguably the one that has it in the foreground to the most extend is GI and the one that has it the most in the background is CA, so it advancing the plot or not is barely even an argument. The arc itself has some weaknesses, for me the most valid criticism is that it has arguably the least interesting villain Genthuru and besides Bisky I didn't find any of the characters introduced in this arc appealing. 3. Always make that mistake. In other words, it is much more a world bulding and character driven series rather than a plot focused series. First time watching Hunter and its really fun to watch but this arc is so boring. Greed Island is AWSOME You learn a lot from it, and there is something called character development. Several heartwarming scenes here. I been seeing greed island arc get criticised a lot since I joined the community, people saying it's bad and boring, or it a rip off of yu-gi-oh. The Big Bad of Greed Island was boring as dirt. Jan 7, 2018 ... Can't fault those who think it's boring though. Undoubtedly, the greatest arc in Hunter x Hunter is the Chimera Ant arc. Which is a shame, because I think the arc has a lot of good substance to it. In the Greed Island arc and at the beginning of the Chimera Ant arc he wears the Paladin’s Necklace, a Greed Island card with the ability to purge any external effects to a card the wearer is holding. Otherwise, if you're more of the fighting/racing/action guy or not a gamer at all, I'd imagine you'd find it uninteresting though. The dynamic between Bisky, Killua, and Gon was funny, too. This subreddit is dedicated to the Japanese manga and anime series Hunter X Hunter, written by Yoshihiro Togashi and adapted by Nippon Animation and Madhouse. The intrepid pair experience some difficulty in the beginning, as they are now thrown into the mix with far more advanced fighters, but the introduction of the fabulous Biscuit Krueger pretty much flips the … Press J to jump to the feed. The Greed Island arc of HxH is better than all of these . Also, HxH Greed Island question. The Greed Island Arc is one of the most exciting ones in the anime; it involves Gon and Killua's adventures on Greed Island, the game invented by his father, Ging, and a group of his friends. But them going around collecting cards is so boring... zzzzz. December 2019. If you're an RPG guy like me, you'd find it verrryyyy interesting, as it plays with a lot of RPG tropes. The Heaven’s Tower Arc only significance is introducing the main battle mechanic of the series, and aside from that, is quite boring. Cons: Greed Island arc is a bit of a downgrade from Yorknew City arc; collecting cards was a boring objective; Genthuru was a lackluster villain. Nothing sexually just talking. Rather than attempt to directly obtain it, Gon and Killua planned to let someone else buy it and then enter the game for that client. Greed island is my favorite arc of the manga. Not only does GI has the displeasure of being sandwiched being 2 of the most critically acclaimed arcs in the series thus far, but GI could be summed up as a bullshit training arc with grossly underused lore. On the other hand, Biscuit is fairly well liked by most the fandom, fans in general seemed to enjoy at least some of the fun times and the love for the dodgeball match is pretty unanimous. The beginning of chimera ant is the most boring part of Hx H. I'll be honest, chimera ant is my least favorite arc. Do people actually make that comparison? It gets painfully boring, has horrid pacing, terrible enemy designs(though greed island's villains didn't look too cool either to be fair) and bloated with too many characters. Member. Yeah, might be the same people who criticize Tidus' laugh in FFX. Is Genthru, AKA the Bomber, the main villain of the arc? I think the problem most people have with this arc is the villain. Gon and Killua raise their bid as high as they can, but are ultimately outdone by Battera. Not to mention that HxH is definitely more "lets put a camera on this kid and see how he interacts with this world", than "lets see this kid accomplish his goals". I am not a fan of video-game based anime but this arc actually really grown onto me to the point that it became my favorite. Oct 25, 2017 17,694. I don't think the game thingy is boring though. I also didn't like the Daily life arc in Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, it was just plain boring and the comedy was cringe. Grexeno. While it may not be as dramatic as the CA arc, I think we see a lot of strength-building... literally. Nov 12, 2017 #6,002 Time to watch my Bebop Blu-ray . Genthru is a terrible villain and the worst main antagonist of HxH for a given arc. While it had a lot of uninteresting ants, there were still more interesting ants than Phantom Troupe members and the cast of protagonists was a lot more enjoyable to watch. It sure is weird that this an arc that just decides, "You know, it'd be cool to just turn this show into Yu-Gi-Oh Online for a bit." The streaming platform has finally added the fourth season of Hunter x Hunter––the Greed Island––for viewers in the United States.With 17 episodes, the season can be … Feel free to follow C.J on Twitter @SeaJayMaffris I think people give GI flack because it comes right after Yorknew's anticlimactic ending and feels like a bit of a mood whiplash. 1 View Entire Discussion (17 Comments) In fact, to me, it was the most upbeat arc of HxH. Let the readers and viewers know that the Nen system can also be applied on sports (dodgeball). Err... well maybe a little but it's important to Gon and Killua because they are training to master their Nen ability on that arc. Togashi wanted to show us that Nen's potential is limetless, it can be used with almost everything. I guess Greed Island arc like a lot of people here. After that came the ants, that I disliked. Even I couldn't finish the 2nd season. "Rip off of Yu-Gi-Oh" is probably the dumbest criticism of it I've heard. I truly like greed island. I left off right at the start of the Greed Island arc. What is HxH's plot? It was produced and sold by Marilyn Inc. Intended for the exclusive use of Hunters, its 5.8 billion price tag is the highest ever for any video game; there were 20,000 pre-orders for only 100 copies. It's number two on my HxH favorite arc list. Gon badly needed this arc since at the end of the Heavens Arena arc, he wanted to be much stronger so he could reach Hisoka's level. Any form of entertainment, information, or discussion centered around the world of HxH is welcome here. No, it wasn't. Oct 25, 2017 3,766. - Gon and Killua have the best relationship. it's the succession war/black whale arc. They received much more characterization. The actual game arc itself was dreadful, pathetic, bloated, uninteresting, lackadaisical in terms of creativity and mechanics, and while it does serve as a training arc in a way, as well as show hints of who Ging was as a person, man the pacing and narrative was rough. Offline ... been anti-stream and whilst CR somehow after all these years coaxed One Piece outta them it was just for most recent arc. It's definitely a less tolerable training arc than Heavens Arena. Others didn't enjoy having a whole arc inside a game because other than getting Gon and Killua stronger it doesn't advance the plot all that much but I thought the actual gameplaying was fun and engaging. However, … After Greed Island Gon and Killua have to face the Chimaera ants creatures that can evolve like the animals they eat 8for examplem if they eat … So a dumb criticism without any logical reference and comprehension. I love the greed island arc i found it fun and relaxing not boring. Let's dive in. The foursome is back as well has their past masters with Wing and Zushi from the heaven's arena arc and Biscuit from greed island. This was a transitional volume, effectively setting up the Yorknew City arc while planting the seeds for the Greed Island arc down the line. Greed Island was first released in 1987, created by Ging Freecss and his associates. it was a good detour but i much preferred the arcs with higher stakes and larger scale conflict, in that regard yorknew and chimera ant were definitely 10/10 After a brief run-in with Feitan and Phinks, the auction for Greed Island begins. To change the mood. The way Gon reacts and deals with Genthru, not only through combat, but thought as well, sets him on a dangerous course later on and I think without those GI events, the important changes of CA wouldn't be possible. Any form of entertainment, information, or discussion centered around the world of HxH is welcome here. If so, he's boring. Gon lives on an island, so must travel by ship to the mainland. 4. Killua's crisis in the Chimera Ant arc was clearly evolved from this, and I actually think this movie handles it better, but I'm sorta "been there, done that" with the whole thing. Worse? From what I remember those arcs had no filler at all and looked great. C.J Maffris is an editorial writer for Toonamifaithful.com. I liked Greed Island, but I also thought it was kind of weird and out of place. Gon and Killua go to the Southernpiece Auction for Greed Island. The Greed Island arc is incredibly boring with dull and uninteresting villains. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Readers and viewers think that after the Yorknew City arc, the quality of future arcs will be on par with the Yorknew City arc or probably even higher. Most series, though not all, also fall into the action category, and focus on fighting. Oct 25, 2017 1,052. Banned. Gon searching for his father. While the two recap episodes are cleverly disguised, it still doesn't change the fact that they're recap episodes and thus have no value whatsoever unless a person doesn't have time to marathon the show and thus may forget important plot details. little detours get in the way tho It's not my favorite arc and I do have some critiques of my own, but I definitely appreciated it. Press J to jump to the feed. I watched HxH with a friend and we both were bored by this arc and just wanted it to be over. Edit: Sorry that's Greed Island, not Green Island. 2. The Greed Island arc is probably the one I re-watch the most out of all the arcs. CielTynave. Amana (アマナ) was a infamous female game player on Greed Island, and she is also a part of Team Asta. I enjoyed the Dodge ball match and Biscuit is an awesome character, but the arc overall was a drag. On my first watch of the series I liked more than Yorknew City that change in future viewings tho but I still love GI. The end of Greed Island and the Razor battle were great. In 1988, Battera offered to buy the game for 17 billion and 50 billion for the clear data. Do you feel greed island gets unfair criticism or is the criticism deserved. This subreddit is dedicated to the Japanese manga and anime series Hunter X Hunter, written by Yoshihiro Togashi and adapted by Nippon Animation and Madhouse. Member. The exam is just one fake out after another. I feel if yorknew came after GI then GI arc would be seen in a better light but timeline wise that wouldn't be possible. Not to mention Razor and that whole dodgeball game. Which I think is unfair personally I liked the arc it's one of the most important arcs in the series with gon and killua mastering nen under bisky and introducing killua yoyos my favorite weapon in anime lol. In the Phantom Troupe/Yorknew City arc, the only … I do have a question. Some people complain a lot about the extended focus on the training but I personally loved that. The early stage of them finding a way to get into the game and the Killua Gon characterization moments were nice as well. Zoldyk arc is like a 5. >SnK’s fanbase will die after the anime is over. Togashi can very clearly do better. Dean Musgrove / The Orange County Register via AP Strong Santa Ana winds in Chatsworth, Calif., blew across power lines causing them to arc and transformers to explode. Just going to enjoy the rest of this arc while last. Little does he know that the crossing is part of the test. Hisoka is also here but in a mostly forgettable fashion once again. Jan 7, 2018 #86 Skyless said: I liked it very much. It was fun from start to finish. Theres an argument to be made about any arc "advancing the plot". lmao dark continent isn't even the current arc. The concept was interesting, and Gon/Killua had some great characters to work off of like Bisky and Hisoka. 24 / M / Greed Island. Nope, I liked the Greed Island arc. The villain and her are both pretty boring. Still a good arc though. I believe Togashi intentionally made the Greed Island arc a bit lighthearted so that the readers and viewers would go nuts when they read or watch the Chimera Ant arc. Honestly, I keep thinking the main reason it gets so much shit is because it's right between the two arcs that are considered best and most drama-filled. Yep, Greed Island is the actual storyline that based from the manga. The perfect anime arc especially catered to you has finally dropped on Netflix! They expected Greed Island to be a badass arc like the Yorknew City arc.

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