The “Wallet” option is a secure place Depop has created in the app to manage your money, through which you can pay out to your bank account or store up any sale proceeds to buy items on Depop yourself. Ollie is 19 and from Bristol, and runs Oliver’s ArchiveThe key is to find a rare item, then buyers will have to purchase from me and I can charge more for it. In fact, I received a message on Depop the other day from a user who was very interested in starting their own small buying and selling business. If you don’t work and you sell on Depop as a hobby business, you don’t pay Income Tax on profit less than £12,500 each tax year. So whatever unwanted items you find hiding at the back of your wardrobe, they’re most likely worth selling on Depop. What can’t you sell? This How to sell on Depop post is for those who want to make some side money so you won’t have to deal with being completely broke during this pandemic that seems like it is never ending! Clean photos are key to generating sales. If you find stock in the same way as everyone else, you won’t stand out at all. Login CLOTHES FOR SALE @h_saeed. Bots range from £30 to £200 depending on how good they are. If you don't do this, there may be a delay in receiving the money from your sale. Tap the camera icon to add a new listing; Connect your PayPal account (Profile>Settings>Preferences>PayPal) Verify your PayPal - your PayPal account needs to be verified. They are CEOs but rather than wearing suits and making conference calls, they have pastel pink bobs, wear cute hair bands and work from cluttered DIY storerooms in their parent’s houses. The description helps buyers know what you’re selling and important details like sizing, material and condition. Checking out a buyer’s feedback ratings and comments can help with this, but having a chat with them is also beneficial. You can also sell other items like art, books, records, etc. I saw that they were selling for double that on Depop so I posted it and it sold instantly. Taking good pictures and excellent customer service are extremely important. Depop went one step further and said that waiving the fee entirely could be another secret to success, if you can hedge the cost. Here we go… Photography Is Key. How do I sell on Depop? Although most of the time I focus on vintage items, large batches of products are good for increasing the number of followers as people will see someone wearing it, ask where they got it from, then come to my page to buy it. Accepting payments outside the app through bank transfers is not allowed. It doesn’t matter that only recently they were reading dull OCR textbooks for their Chemistry GCSEs and getting told off by teachers for having the wrong tie length; these teens are commanding vast swathes of capital, delivering great customer service and learning the complexities of brand identities. If you want to build your very own community of buyers and sell your items in the company of emerging and established creatives, read our guide to selling via Depop and get started now! On Depop, most wouldn’t even think to sell on desktop. The way you choose to receive payment can also incur charges. He noticed what I’ve been doing and asked if I had any tips that I could offer to someone thinking about starting out. I do and that’s where the gap in the market is. Pricing . Over time I got really good at sifting through the rails to find good deals. P. eer-to-peer app Depop was founded in 2011 to help people sell pre-loved clothes and to allow shoppers a circular way to indulge their love of fashion. Imagine you log onto a website, find an item, add it to your cart, fill out your address and check out -- a bot does all this for you ten times. When I'm putting a lot of time into Depop I sell around £4,000 a month, of which around £3,000 can be profit. If you’re not willing to pay for the faster shipping, don’t demand it. I treat every customer as my friend, writing loads of hearts and kisses when I’m communicating with them. You can list items you want to sell through your profile page. Colorful items sell well because they stand out on the feed, so do iconic vintage pieces such as name-brand mum jeans or 80s color block items. My mum is so excited that I’ve stopped asking her for money. You can also try offering a discount for anybody who buys multiple items – you’ll be saving money on delivery costs and it could just help clinch that sale. It’s also worth including details about your terms & conditions, delivery and how you’ll be handling refunds or exchanges, as this can ultimately save you time. How do I sell on Depop? These should be taken in natural daylight and include more than one picture for each item. If you’re selling your old clothes on Depop, the likelihood is that you won’t have to pay tax on this. Also this year I have been living in Bologna so I've been using their markets which have cute clothes for unbelievably cheap prices (I’m talking €2 per item). This is automatically taken from your PayPal account, and you could be charged PayPal fees as well. I started on Depop when I bought a Tommy Hilfiger fleece from America for $25 aged 13. I spend hours on my photoshoots painting blue tears onto my cheeks, matching cool earrings like pink pom poms or red cat eye sunglasses. This is one of the main reasons why I started making clothes -- especially because I find a lot of high street stores don’t fit my body shape right. If your account hasn’t been fully set up, you won't receive your money. Clothes, shoes and make-up are popular categories, and you’ll find many fashion bloggers use Depop to sell off the samples and free clothes they receive. I also give lots of discounts and I am willing to negotiate because I know I love a good deal and other people enjoy the feeling of bartering too. Adults with high pressure jobs who like wearing Supreme and other high-end streetwear brands, don’t have the time to queue outside Carnaby Street drops. Recently I found these milkmaid style tops, or last year it was these cargo trousers which I found on a men’s workwear site. Once you have signed up you will get your own profile page, which in a way acts as your storefront. This means you need to provide PayPal with more account details, specifically your bank account. Selling your old stuff is a perfect way to make money to buy new things and keep yourself up to date with the latest fashion. You can’t expect free next day delivery. Since 2011, Depop has served as a treasure trove of vintage finds and hidden gems, all while benefitting the environment by offering an alluring – and sustainable – alternative to fast fashion. Throwing a wrinkled top onto your patterned bed spread for a photo simply won’t cut it if you’re looking to move items. 39. UK ACCEPT OFFERS NO REFUNDS message first! Streetwear. What's the difference between Classic and Wallet payments. Even providing styling ideas can help potential buyers imagine how they would look in a particular item, increasing the chances of a sale. TO BE CONTINUED…. When you sell on Depop, there are two ways to receive your money. When you sell an item, Depop will automatically charge the 10% fee on the total transaction amount (including shipping costs). Supreme always increases in value, especially the Supreme x North Face collab and box logos because they’re classic and timeless. It’s been a year since I started up an Instagram page to accompany my Depop and it's extremely effective in getting more traffic to my page. It’s also a fun place to hang out where people can like, share and comment on items. I make the most money from buying one particular clothing item in bulk. I am branding my own Breanna world. It usually takes me about an hour to complete a two piece depending on how my sewing machine is working that day (I really need a new one). Here's 4 simple steps to getting your items listed and sold on Depop. Search smart . Why do I need a direct debit for Depop Payments? Axelle is 18 and from Brighton, and runs Axelle DufresneI make shiny, lycra boob tubes to sell on Depop. I never go shopping in real life anymore because I can’t find anything I want. Then I tag clothes with Y2K, 00s, 80s, 90s, retro, baby girl, or vintage because that’s what buyers usually search for. There are two choices: Classic has a 3.4% + £0.20 PayPal transaction fee (varies by country), while Wallet has a 2.5% transaction fee (minimum fee £0.50) and no PayPal fees. In the first year it was mainly eBay and charity shops, but its become obvious to me that this is how more and more Depop sellers source their stock so I've moved onto alternative options. #howtosellondepopFAST #howtosellondepop #howtoshipwithpaypalondepop*watch in 1080p*Hi pixies! I’m selling old things on Depop. Top offers and updates delivered direct to your inbox. Step 2:Add a photo/logo that represents your brand and tap on ‘Next’. Once I managed to make £200 off a Stone Island Jacket I wore for 6 months. Having a distinctive style is really important. I look on Amazon because they not only sell new copies of the books I’m selling but also used copies too. My Parcel Delivery, 3rd Floor, Nelson House, 23-27 Moulsham St, Chelmsford CM2 0XQ, © Copyright 2020 Limited | VAT Number: 186 0095 02 | Registration Reference: 07082684. Now that you’ve taken care of the logistics and have started adding items to your closet, it’s time to start actually selling your items. Use … How does Depop support charities that want to set up a Depop shop? Here are our 20 actionable tips for selling on Depop. It’s an Instagram business account which means I can see how many people are looking at my pictures and saving them and more importantly, clicking on the web link to my Depop page which I put in my Instagram bio. I want to expand the range of sizes you can find on my shop, as I feel this is something that’s been lacking. As many changes are eBay do, there’s no getting around the fact that the listing and shopping experience is slicker online than it is on the mobile. You’re in luck, as it’s super simple and easy to do that here at I’ve been selling on Depop for a while now and it’s been going quite well. Try searching multiple … Make sure to include images, the price, postage costs, and a title and description for each item. If you’re struggling to sell individual items, it’s worth seeing if any items can be sold together as a bundle instead. 3. UK + Others Shipping Guide. I've also found that people are willing to spend more on clothes from my personal wardrobe, maybe because they've seen how I've styled the piece in an outfit on my Instagram. 1) When you sell an item on Depop, tap Delivery and swipe Shipping. Congratulations, you’ve sold your first item on Depop! For example, I have a vintage band tee that sells on Depop and my Etsy listing for that vintage band tee doesn’t expire for three more months then I will just update the Etsy listing with a new item. Step 3:Write a bio about your shop and what you’re selling and tap on ‘Next’. I’ve made good money on Depop so I am definitely not abandoning ship. Boost your chances of being found in search; PayPal fee refund policy update; How do discounts work? Preloved. To find out how they do it, we spoke to some of the site's most successful young sellers who tell us how to make money from Depop: 1. Or we use computer bots which automate the buying process. I also search for the book title on Depop to see if anyone else is also selling the same book, then I price accordingly. Take care when choosing a background for your photos, pick a background that complements the items you’re selling and isn’t too distracting. When pricing my books I look two places: Amazon and Depop . This charge will be taken directly from your PayPal account or the card you are using for payments before the remainder of the money you have made is paid to you. My aesthetic is tape belts, battered overalls, multi-coloured stripy tops, daisys, tennis skirts, lacy socks, hair bows. You can sign up now to get on the waiting list. Depop or Etsy Selling Fees. #1: Model your clothing! Breanna is 19 and from LA, and runs the Elf WorkshopI started thrifting in middle school, which was around eight years ago. (UK Only) Depop Payments - Direct Debit Policy ; How do I enable Depop Payments? Depop is a free to download mobile and tablet app on which you can sell unique items including art, vintage and luxury fashion, illustrations, books, records and trainers. The way you choose to receive payment can also incur charges. When you make a sale the money will be transferred directly to your PayPal account. You also need to take the time to work out how much shipping will cost you. At the time I was doing a paper round which paid £15 a week. Fill in the details listed such as a description of the item and a price. Click the “sell” button. There are two choices: Classic has a 3.4% + £0.20 PayPal transaction fee (varies by country), while Wallet has a 2.5% transaction fee (minimum fee £0.50) and no PayPal fees. I was hooked from there. Loads more. They’re everyday people with everyday lives and jobs. Weather you sell on Depop already or, are just now considering it, these tips will help you along the way. Offering International can increase your audience and improves the chances of selling. The two payment methods accepted on Depop are Classic and Wallet (check fees above). Posting your items on Depop can be really simple if you follow the correct steps. Hope you are all doing great and can get some help with your depop with these tips here. When you have a specific item in mind, searching smart will help you to uncover the hidden gems for sale on Depop. Add more light to your photos. One week I plan to test out if I give the app 100% attention what will my outcome be. Depop is designed for the average person to get online and get selling. 2. The “Classic” option needs you to have a PayPal account and you will need to link this to your Depop account too. Here are a few important things to check before you send your item: Verify your PayPal account. £500 Listing Competition Terms & Conditions; State Sales Tax: FAQs; Depop Seller Guidelines; Heads up, State Sales Tax is here. £500 Listing Competition Terms & Conditions; State Sales Tax: FAQs; Depop Seller Guidelines; Heads up, State Sales Tax is here. As the Depop app is free to download and there’s no fee to list items for sale, however when you’ve made a sale Depop will take a 10% commission (including shipping costs). You will first need to download the Depop app in the Apple App Store or Google Play store for Android users. Through selling the fleece I earned two weeks wages in a day. I use studio lights, a stylised backdrop that is instantly recognisable and take pictures using the iPhone X because the camera quality is insane. I bet Topshop will make copies of the shiny two pieces that are all over Depop in like three years time. Think Instagram but with items for sale instead of just to admire. Selling on Depop. I often keep stuff for a long period of time, get a bit of wear out of it and then sell if on for about £30 profit.

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