We also invited other families over that had 7 year olds turning 8 to share in our FHE lessons. [Address person being baptized] Do you know that you are just about to participate in your very first saving ordinance and make your very first official promise to Heavenly Father? THANK YOU! I've been making the dress and the family is coming and its the fourth of July! Hope your brother's baptism went great :). An interview is a meeting between a leader and one other person. Thank you so much for posting. Posted by 4 years ago. Your talk gave me ideas on what to talk about. I write about whatever is on my mind... spiritual stuff, education, marriage, parenting, activities, books, holidays, crafts, challenges, life experiences and whatever else happens to fly from my brain to my fingertips at the moment. I love that! The following suggestions will help leaders make interviews more useful and productive. This will be my first ever talk...eek so nurvious, It was so helpful my sisters baptism is tomorrow and this outline was so helpful to have while writing good luck :). you have lifted a weight off my shoulders. Thank you for the great talk. Everyone complimented me. It’s recorded in D&C 20:77-79, and we hear it every single week in the sacrament prayers. I'm glad I found it. I'm speaking at my daughters baptism this Saturday and you've saved my life. My 14 yr old son is speaking at my daughters baptism and this is just what he needs. Thanks again! That is the job of the Holy Ghost, and it is done by loss of guilt and cleansing you every whit as you continue not to sin again. This is why members of the Church do not practice infant baptism. I was stumped as to how to proceed with this topic. Congrats on your baptism better than satisfied for you! The student getting baptized was one of my most reverent, responsible, kind, and honest girls in my class and I was so honored that she would ask me to speak. My 10 year old daughter is giving the baptism talk at our son's baptism next week and I wasn't sure what to do. I appreciate this so much! I got called yesterday late to do a baptism talk for my grandson. This helped me for my younger brothers baptism talk.;). With no time or resources this was a special blessing to me. Thank you so much for posting that. LDS Baptismal Covenant List I love, love, love that my sweet Christina is 7 years old. Is there a standard letter that is used when a 8 year old is being baptized in another area showing that they received their Bishop interview? Thanks so much this helped me prepare for my talk at my younger brothers baptism!! Thanks!! Thank you so much! Invite Other Families Over. “Interviewing,” Branch Guidebook (2001), 7–8. A few years ago I began to be very bothered by the church's treatment of women. So it’s definitely optional. My parents told me that the first feedback they received from my kindergarten teacher about me was that I was "verbally gifted." Mar 18, 2019 - Explore Jeniece Valley's board "Baptism 8 years old", followed by 158 people on Pinterest. Questions 12 and 13 are omitted when youth are interviewed for a limited-use recommend. Thank you so much for taking the time to post your talk. I will also use some of it in my class. Thanks, you cover all the points. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas! And it also reminded me of my convents with the Lord. Inform the person why he or she is being interviewed. Thank you for a great talk. (Photo courtesy of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) A file photo of a Latter-day Saint baptism in New Zealand before the coronavirus pandemic. It’s often held in January to help prepare everyone for the ordinance of baptism and answer logistical questions to help with planning. There are many ways to teach children of young ages about baptism. Adding in a few personal touches and I'm ready to go. :D. Pam,Thank you for sharing your organizational skills! Thank you so much for the great talk. Without taking the time to sit down with me, my pastor decided I was too young and wouldn’t understand baptism. I was so anxious to write a talk for my niece's baptism. Imagine, worthiness for baptism. Archived. Verbiage in 11 questions has been modified. I'm pretty sure that was code for "she talks too much" but my parents took it as a compliment and encouraged my special skill (ha ha). The branch president interviews branch members to determine worthiness to receive the priesthood, be advanced in the priesthood, or serve in a Church calling. NEW!!!!! I put repentance after baptism because that is when they are old enough to sin and repent.) Love, Michelle Walton. Thank you for your help, it is appreciated very, very much!-Ryan. Starting from the child’s seventh birthday, many parents use family home evening lessons (like the ones linked to in this article) to teach simple principles that ac… I, too, have been asked to speak at a baptism and this helps me to organized my thoughts. There is actually a very important covenant associated with baptism. Smiles, JEN. I am only 13 and could not do anything with my talk but you made it so interesting. If you have a question or would like to discuss these topics, I suggest that you go to a Mormon-related bulletin board ( here are some recommendations ). Baptism is the first ordinance in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Feel free to click on the image and print it out!! Preparing for Baptism/Bishop Interview Questions - 6/9 Update - total flop for Sr. Primary, I didn't even try it in Jr. Maybe it would have gone better, except the boys couldn't stop talking about how creepy the drawing was. :), Awesome! I am only 12 but I was asked to give a talk on baptism to my friends family's 8 year old son! I have to give a talk tomorrow and will be using this. You deserve many blessings in your life. Post by Eric-p40 » Sun Jul 20, 2008 10:25 pm . I edited the talk and clarified that. So if some of these tips don’t work for your kid, don’t worry! Love it!!! "Going under the water" really does not wash anything away, particularly sins. Good point. Thanks from a procrastinating mom:). It has given me so many ideas!! You saved me! thanks so much. I'm trying to help my older son prepare a talk for his brother's baptism! Most people are able to discern right and wrong when they are this age. Thank you for posting this wonderful talk. Your questions already been properly spoke back (apart from Robby, bless his heart) so all i will upload is a few scriptures. JamesAnderson Senior Member Posts: 766 Joined: Tue Jan 23, 2007 9:03 pm. The interview questions are made public so members of all ages can better understand the requirements for temple worship and prepare to enter the temple. If you answer yes to any of the questions entailed in point four, the missionary conducting the interview will refer you to the mission president to determine if you qualify for baptism. I was ask to give a talk on my daughters baptism day, and I came across this and found it so very interesting. Technology can be wonderful! I would encourage a parent to sit with them during the interview. I need to do a talk tomorrow and this will definantly help! Choose a quiet place where the interview will not be interrupted. Thanks so much! Thank you very very much!! Thanks again! This talk is AMAZING!! I hope you don't mine me sharing this at church for my daughter. “I was so nervous!” Kimberly says. Masterbation now a question for 8 year olds in the Baptismal interview. Seriously, if the interviewers find out they've had an abortion, committed adultry or other list of sins, they have to talk to a Bishop and often have to wait before they can get baptized. I am another one that was asked to do a baptism talk last minute--for tomorrow actually. For our family, 8 is a very special birthday, because that is when our children are old enough to be baptized in our church. I reformatted it so that it would all fit on one page and we... Talk - The Holy Ghost is a Special Gift (for 8 year olds). 14 tags are included and you can print them off however many times you'd like! Thank you! Kimberly, a mother of children approaching baptism age, remembers walking into the bishop’s office for her baptismal interview when she was eight years old. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints posted the 13 questions that were ... Parents were only allowed in a hallway or adjacent room under old … !- Briana, This is what ive been looking for!! Thank you a ton for sharing this talk. Bishop letter for Baptism Interview. Stuff them in a bag, a bucket, a basket and they're sure to be a HIT with your children. The New Survey On Interviewing 8-11 Year Old Children (July 11, 2019) Recently the LDS church has been in the news for their survey to members on interviewing 8-11 year old children on issues such as worthiness, which has included sexual questions for those older than 11 in the Mormon church. This afternoon I am speaking at the baptism of a sweet nine-year old son who was just adopted into our friends' family. We can type one, but didn't know if there was a standard format to use. Any sin or misdeed you ever do might desire to be rectified with the lord by using … Thank you so much for this post. I hope you don't mind if I use this as the base for mine. This is PERFECT!!! Thank you so much! In return, God promises that if we keep those promises, we can be forgiven of our sins and the Spirit will always be with us. Now I can relax and get everything else ready. REally! Help the person leave feeling strengthened and hopeful. Thank you so much for sharing! Ihave soo many idead now just from reading this!! Who in their right mind asks the mom of the 8 year old to speak? In contrast, Mormons interview potential baptism candidates to assess their worthiness for baptism. See more ideas about baptism, lds baptism, lds. Now she tries to ensure that her children don’t face feelings of panic. I ended up having to give your talk word for word almost. Between cleaning and hosting company, planning meals, baptism dress...and I got strep throat among it all! The Bible teaches that anyone who confesses his or her sins and publicly confesses faith in Jesus Christ according to the gospel is a proper candidate for baptism … My son turned 8-years-old last month! Latter-day Saints believe that the Lord revealed a person is old enough to be baptized when they are at least 8 years old. These tags are the perfect little gift to handout at BAPTISM time! The branch president interviews children approaching eight years of age to determine their preparedness to be baptized and confirmed members of the Church when at least one parent is a member of the Church and both parents consent to the baptism. Then, I found this wonderful talk, It has helped me pull my ideas togetherThanks again,Genene, thanks millions for this outline of a talk, I'm using for the baptism talk at my daughters baptism tomorrow, only got called yesterday so it was nice to find this, thanks again, LIke all the others - I'm so exicted to have found your talk! The Questions Before Baptism. Glad you could use it as a base for your talk. Top. Our daughter is giving a talk for our son's baptism and this will really help her. An interview is a good time for a leader to teach members the doctrines, principles, and practices of the Church, drawing upon the scriptures and teachings of the latter-day prophets. Thanks!! When I was subbing in 6th grade I was able to teach a fun lesson about metric conversions. I was just searching for some help for a baptism talk I have to give tomorrow, and I so appreciate the points you brought out. I have to give at my little sisters baptism and this talk is just perfect!! This helped me a ton! Need something SWEET to give to your favorite 8 year old?? I haven't ever had to talk at a childs' baptism before--and TODAY, my adorable 8 year-old niece asked me to speak at her baptism--TOMORROW! I was looking for ideas for a baptism talk I'm giving tomorrow for my brother. Here are eight things to teach your child before he or she turns 8 years old. Good point Burninator. I edited it a bit also, but it has a great framework. To help teach the doctrine we invited our grandmas and grandpas over for Family Home Evening and they taught some lessons. My oldest child just turned 8. I don’t throw a big friend party (like the robot, rocket, pirate, etc., parties […] Thanks so much for this talk. And congrats on your wedding ceremony! Thank you so much! This will help so much! Baptism of an 8-year-old - A Woman's Perspective: Date: Dec 01 01:41 2003: Author: Micro: Mail Address: I have a problem. Before we left the church I grew up in, I wanted to be baptized there. I feel as though I am a second-class member because of my gender. Thank you so much! Here is a talk that I have used when I have spoken at Stake Baptisms for 8 year olds. I am using this beautiful talk as an outline for the talk at the baptism of a convert. Wow this was so helpful to me my brother so happy with me and this talk it was a little miracle in my life. 498. replaced into the wonderful determination I even made 7 years in the past now. For our family, 8 is a very special birthday, because that is when our children are old enough to be baptized in our church. My son turned 8-years-old last month! level 1 It is sort of like "boo-ing" at Halloween, but you use a s... My son is learning Spanish and received this list of verbs from his teacher. I have to speak on baptism at my child's baptism tomorrow, it's midnight, and you saved me oodles of time so I can go to bed. Excellent talk.One nitpicky point.Children who are just turning eight do not have any sins to be forgiven.If their baptism is within a reasonable amount of time after age eight, they do not have any past mistakes for which they need forgiveness.So, emphasizing that they can be forgiven of future mistakes is the correct tack.Thanks for the post.

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