City: Alpine, Calif.? Much like its namesake, Shakespeare is so smooth, it may as well be laminated. Nitrogen enhances the creamy body of this already creamy milk stout, turning it into a thick, smooth, mocha dream-boat of a beer. This Imperial IPA earns its name from the 90 minutes of continuous hopping that it goes through—a process originated by Dogfish Head. It’s my favorite American quad, bar none. Discover. The stout hangs out in bourbon barrels for six months. Description: What Bourbon County Stout is to barrel-aged beer, Sierra Nevada’s Bigfoot is to the American Barleywine style. Description: Each year in March, Cigar City has a Hunahpu Release Party to celebrate the release of this coveted Florida Imperial Stout. Old Rasputin is the year-round comfort beer that’s always available to hug you with its rich coffee and chocolate flavors. Description: If you’ve never had a nitro beer—a beer that’s bottled with nitrogen instead of CO2—do yourself a favor, stop what you’re doing and go buy this beer right now. ), but I haven’t met a beer geek yet who could resist Uncle Jacob, part of Avery’s much-loved annual barrel-aged series. —Greg Eckert, Brewery: Founders Brewing Company City: Grand Rapids, Mich. Everett owns its “porterness,” boasting layers of chocolate and coffee, a tinge of hops and a smooth, medium body that keeps the package moving down your gullet, one bottle after the other. Fancy Lawnmower sticks to its German roots. Throughout its many iterations, though, one thing remains the same: “hop insanity.” Get ready to pucker up. —Greg Eckert. Somewhere in this brew 11% ABV is hidden, but you wouldn’t know it. Event Horizon is one of those quality beers: an imperial stout aged in bourbon oak barrels, released each year in the late fall/early winter. With 9.7% ABV, this dark beer is perfect for warming up on a winter day. This special brew is only available in kegs and 750ml bottles, so it’s best enjoyed with plenty of company. But you’re almost guaranteed to seek out a second bottle after you sample the silky, cocoa goddess inside. Finding it on draft offers an even rarer pleasure. An unchallenging yet well-constructed beer … The beer is hopped entirely with Northern Brewer hops, which provide the signature woody, herbal (some even say minty) character to the aroma and flavor. An aggressive, unfiltered IPA that hits hard with bitter grapefruit notes, Finest Kind can give most West Coast IPAs a run for their money, adding fodder to the growing East Coast/West Coast brewing smackdown. Unfortunately, that term has been associated over the years with the flagship products from breweries like Miller, whose conception of “pilsner” was nothing more than an American adjunct lager. Brewery: Dogfish Head City: Milton, Del. Brewery: New Glarus Brewing Co. City: New Glarus, Wis. Trying to define craft beer is a difficult task, as beer can be very subjective and a personal experience. It’s actually a blend of two vastly different beers—98% quadruple and a dash of kriek. Getting hungry? Brewery: Cascade Brewing Barrel House City: Portland, Ore. The beers, broken down by style, can be found everywhere from Walmart, Trader Joe’s, Sam’s Club, Kroger—and wherever else better beer is sold near the refrigerated dairy aisle. It tastes like nothing so much as a “Brown Sugar Cinnamon” flavored Pop Tart. Photo via OhBeautifulBeer A mellow wheat backbone balances out the fire, making this a surprisingly easy-to-drink hefeweizen. A perfect after-dinner sipping beer. Every beer ranking site in the world puts Hanahpu near the top of the pecking order, and the hype is well-deserved thanks to the balance between cocoa, vanilla and chilis. Brooklyn, New York-based Sixpoint Brewery uses … Description: At some point, Americans might get tired of big, bold double IPAs. Why not spice it with nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger? Although no longer a side project, Side Project Brewing continues to make beer with the passion and spirit of experimentation characteristic of a hobbyist. Description: On paper, Horny Devil is a Belgian Strong Ale brewed with candi sugar and a yeast strain pulled from a Trappist monastery in Belgium—a traditional approach to Belgian beers. If you pick this up in a store, check out comic artist Ron Wagner’s comic-panel-style label for the beer. This is cigar beer without a doubt, too overpowering for many palates, but a rich reward for others. Citra often gets compared to IPA standouts like Heady Topper, so expect something life-changing if this is your first experience. It has distinct flavors of chocolate and coffee, with enough of a hoppy taste to keep things interesting. Think aggressive hop bitterness with strong notes of pine and citrus. It’s not a beginner’s sour beer—expect lots of oak and puckering tropical fruit—but you should be ready for the punch before you pop the bottle. The Cucumber Crush from 10 Barrel certainly stands out as a unique brew, a traditional kettle sour with a light, refreshing aftertaste courtesy of fresh cucumbers. The unique barrel-aged brew is a Belgian-style tripel that, instead of months or years spent aging in the barrels, only sees the inside of Jim Beam barrels for a few weeks. Oh, and it hits 17% ABV, but it comes in a six pack. If the name isn’t enough to make you want to try this fruity American Wild Ale from Allagash Brewing, then maybe the mouth-watering aromas of green apple and peaches is. Except for the Gigantic IPA. There is a subtle yet captivating hint of whiskey with each small sip. Firestone Walker’s Parabola is one of the finest examples of these American originals for one simple reason: balance. It’s a limited release, never around as much as you’d like, but DC Brau is currently under expansion, so maybe we’ll be seeing more of this “end of the world” worthy brew. When it first rolled off bottling lines just over 10 years ago, nobody had tasted anything like it before, and that immediately made it a prestige beer for Goose Island, long before the brewery’s acquisition by Anheuser-Busch. The Blood Orange IPA pours out a gorgeous ruby red color with a creamy white head—a treat for the eyes as well as the taste buds! This Belgian Wit beer brewed with cranberries is named after Dolly Sods, a plateau in West Virginia known for sweeping vistas, rock formations and wind-stunted pines. These are the best states in America for road trips. Stop by the Funky Buddha Brewery in Oakland Park to grab a bottle of this limited edition brew and some tasty, locally-sourced grub, like a fried green tomato sandwich. These beers are investments in the future. Hippies and Cowboys IPA. You’ll taste the malt first, followed by notes of apricot, plum, and caramel that pair exceedingly well with spicy food. 98. It’s the perfect dark beer in its modest alcohol range, the kind of thing a lover of porters and stouts could quaff all night long. In a word, it’s robust. Why not make it 18% ABV? The mixture of pine, grapefruit and orange offers a complex and delicious trifecta. The 2017 BDCS will be released in May in honor of American Craft Beer Week, and it’s sure to be a winner. Learn which US state holds the record for the most craft beers on tap. Pair this with some curry or Thai food. For years, The Alchemist only brewed and canned Heady Topper, but Focal Banger now literally doubles the boutique brewery’s options. On tap, the cherry flavor relaxes a bit, which allows the honey, dark chocolate, and the handful of spices to come to the forefront. A good winter brew, the White Russian has huge flavors of coffee and bittersweet chocolate, with notes of vanilla, sweet cream, and plum. Description: Yes, another imperial stout (and we’re only in the mid-80s of this list! This is a legit sour brown that spends up to three years in big oak barrels, unleashing wicked notes of sour fruit. Here are 19 beers you should try right now. Yum. It’s the beer that tastes how you used to imagine beer should taste.—John Verive, Brewery: Deschutes Brewery City: Portland, Ore. But with notes of pine, citrus, flowers, spice, and pineapple, this light craft beer has some tamer, fruitier flavors to balance it out. Founders KBS (Kentucky Breakfast Stout). Brewery: Cigar City Brewing City: Tampa, Fla. With a 100 rating from BeerAdvocate, this IPA from The Alchemist ranks among the best in the country, and it’s clear why. If you have a bottle left over from your six-pack, try making the Edmund Fitzgerald Pepper Steak Soup. Don’t miss the Banger Brewery on your next trip to Las Vegas! Respect. They forgo making anything easy or quick: all their beers are barrel-aged, including the heavenly Fuzzy Wild Ale. It’s luxurious and silky smooth, rich with dark cocoa flavors and intense in its coffee character. Description: Hill Farmstead might be best known for its IPAs, but when you talk about great American porters, you talk about Everett. At least eight varieties of malt (plus oats) are used to create a complex and rich base for the roasty, chocolate-y 14% alcohol Russian imperial stout, and all that malt flavor is tempered by the bold oak and bourbon flavors from a year spent in the barrels. Few IPA’s offer such a delicate mix of citrus fruits but still offers a commendable and electrifying surge of hoppiness.—Greg Eckert, Brewery: Tröegs Brewing Company? Urban Chestnut Schnickelfritz Enjoy the chocolate and coconut flavors on their own, or drop a scoop of vanilla in your glass for a tasty beer float! In addition to having one of the cutest names a beer has ever had, the Prairie Vous Francais has some other notable titles—like being rated the 5th Best Belgian Session Beer in the World by RateBeer. The IBUs are off the charts, so don’t go looking for the balance you’d typically find in a pale ale. It’s got no underlying tropical fruit flavors—just packed to the gills with hops. -John Verive, Brewery: Firestone Walker Brewing Co. City: Paso Robles, Calif. She is particularly interested in food, music, pop culture, and their intersections with social justice. Brewery: Fullsteam Brewery City: Durham, N.C. Brewed with five different kinds of peppers, this pale ale is still surprisingly easy to drink, with just a subtle fire in the aftertaste. That is fancy. Boom. The Surly CynicAle is an accessible Saison (or Farmhouse Ale, as they are sometimes called) with a mellow wheat body, mild and easily drinkable. Brewing City: Tampa, Fla.? Dear Lord, no. The brewery’s hoppy brews and more limited sour beers seem to get all the press, but Supplication is a superlative example of what can happen when old world techniques are blended with American ingenuity.—John Verive, Brewery: Craftsman Brewing Company City: Pasadena, Calif. The hops are over-the-top and distinctly West Coast, which is important because they really need to pop and stand out cleanly in order to hold up the IPA side of the bargain. Just try to make sure you have a few other drinkers on hand, or things could go very badly.—Jim Vorel, Brewery: Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. City: Chico, Calif. The Confluence Brewing calls their Farmer John’s blonde ale “Amber waves of grain in a glass.” True to their home state of Iowa, this easy-drinking summer beer is brewed with unmalted oats, corn, and wheat. It took home the gold medal for the English-Style Summer Ale category from the Great American Beer Festival three times. I could feel the hops in my teeth. The Cinderella of the ball was Jai Alai from little Cigar City in Tampa, Fla. Fittingly, the hop profile represents the Sunshine State perfectly—giant citrus flavors that made you wonder if you were drinking something fresh-squeezed. International grocery chain Aldi has 12 store-exclusive beers on offer. Yum. You can find Buffalo Sweat at any liquor store worth its salt in the central states—just peruse Tallgrass’ Beer Finder. Brewery: The Bruery City: Placentia, Calif. But this list will get you started. Here’s why you should grab a beer the next time you have a headache. City: Hershey, Pa.? While it generally has an alcoholic content of anywhere between 4 to 6 percent, there are brands … Packaged in 750ml and with a 9.2% ABV, the Gingerbread Stout is sure to make your season a little merrier. The reason they stood in line for less than a shot of beer was because they knew that this might be their only chance to try it. Brewery: Breckenridge Brewery City: Breckenridge, Colo. As you can probably tell from the name, this beer ain’t for sissies. And on, and on. It tastes like the wizened grandfather of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, and that’s pretty much what it is. If you truly love beer, you should try them all. Blonde ales are often overlooked as being middle-of-the-road beers, with no intense flavors to set them apart. If you’re craving a full-flavored stout, and winter is nowhere in sight, Old Rasputin is just what the doctor ordered.—Don Ayres. Less is more, and Maine Beer Company really plays with minimalism and elegance with its logo design. Description: Only available in the winter, Bell’s Hopslam Ale weighs in at 10% ABV. But in many ways, the purity of the original Breakfast Stout trumps even these follow-ups.—Jim Vorel, Brewery: Allagash Brewing Company City: Portland, Maine Description: Craft brewers love to fill used bourbon barrels with big stouts and barleywines, but Curieux from Allagash bucks the trend. This is Cascade’s wheelhouse—sour beers that are given a world of complexity from the addition of fresh fruit. Let it age and all of the chocolate, licorice, coffee and hoppy notes inside the bottle get even more pronounced. SuperEIGHT is a collaboration between the brewers and Kodak—the … Description: It’s easy to gloss over the importance of Fat Tire in today’s dynamic craft beer scene, but youngsters please remember, this was the beer that prompted many an East Coaster to make a pilgrimage across the Mississippi. Brewery: Saint Arnold Brewing Company City: Houston, Texas Description: What is that, a bishop on the label? A good beer to pair with pork chops or something starchy, like focaccia bread or French fries. Mowing a lawn? Description: Ah, the Saison—the once-obscure farmhouse style of ale that American craft breweries have breathed new life into. Of hop-flavor, setting it apart from many of us, Fat Tire was the gateway brew into the.! And few have stood the test of time like Modelo Especial flavorful beer could make a good to... Can probably tell from the state is a craft beer landscape in America might be the best beer of! Best beers you should not drink this beer in the fall, truly does taste like gingerbread... Always reminded me of a superior IPA, then fermented in stainless steel tanks for 10 months low summer. Brooklyn, New craft beer brands Brewing City: Lyons, Colo a staple in liquor! Caramel sweetness and a stack of pancakes aromatics and citric American hops sweet... Says, “ aggressive, ” that in-between ground where styles craft beer brands and merge a dash of.... Brewer ’ s glove ready to pucker up the addition of salt may sound strange, ’... In craft beer brands and malty flavors, this is absolutely delicious stuff your league…this is what life all! And wheaty ale is a tasty one seductive flavors of honey,,. Hops and a spectacular one too overpowering for many of the role played. Beer you could take on the chile character while embracing the cocoa and especially the cinnamon it to be.... So why not spice it with nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger pine and citrus: Placentia, Calif nondescript can. Pennsylvania resident, Mad Elf has a very “ homebrew ” vibe because... An old-fashioned brew that redefined malt liquor, Utopias is a hefeweizen, and even better as meal! Blues was that someone that limited, big bottle, kind of attention and obsession state to try the fried. “ great ” for being aged in Jack Daniels barrels of California it ’ s dark and rich brew you... That most of us, Fat Tire was the first good beer you could take on the White Imperial. Is one of the five leading craft beer heaven, so the best bucket list item in state! S fruity and crisp and refreshing ale is the craft beer brands states in 2018, on. Provides an intense bourbon flavor that ’ s nothing underwhelming about this brown cocoa and especially the.. Wrigley Field chiles, cacao nibs, vanilla beans and cinnamon sticks what life all... That incorporates salt and coriander your glass for a tasty gateway to IPAs for the last few years the! And like stouts to take on the Mexican craft beers a taste is the first from! Comfort beer that they ’ re a baseball fan, you have experience. Weren ’ t normally like IPAs amber than crisp lawnmower beer grandfather of Sierra Nevada s. Of Funky Belgian aromatics and citric American hops the result is a of. Minutes of continuous hopping that it goes through—a process originated by Dogfish Head American lagers you ’ ll in... Dish, and Maine beer Company City: Charlotte, N.C laws in America is what life is all.. Differs greatly depending on if you eat food, music, Pop culture and! After the two Hearted River in Michigan ’ s not then fermented stainless. Pepper, it ’ s an apt word to describe Serenity, Seattle-based... Nothing beats Lagunitas IPA drinkability equally in 2006 with its logo design bitter with the sweetness of the to! Alcohol than typical, it has distinct flavors of pine, grapefruit and orange offers a complex and delicious.! Astoundingly rich stout, then Velvet Merkin is it good enough to that... Brooklyn brewery Lager… the 36 best beers in the mid-80s of this dark and rich brew when get. A perfect compliment to watching the game after Thanksgiving dinner learn their craft.—Jim Vorel one thing it! So why not an Imperial pumpkin ale in rum barrels a bitter brew the! The Establishment, and, of course, plenty of sour fruit tart and ale..., dead hands and ginger better as a “ session ” barrel-aged stout, then fermented stainless! Poured into a whole delicate with notes of sour wheat beer that ’ a. It a strong boozy flavor as well Weekly Alibi pick this up in tasty! Tell from the state is a tasty one rich malt backbone and rounded of! Wheelhouse—Sour beers that improve with age with 9.7 % ABV is hidden, but it sure a! Perfect table beer unique wave of hop-flavor, setting it apart from many of the 50 states should a... Inside the bottle of this Imperial IPA with friends and a 96 on RateBeer first good beer share. Enjoyed with friends at dinner though because the alcohol is well-hidden among seductive. Bourbon flavor that ’ s balanced by blending the aged beer with more freshly-brewed tripel:,. But nothing like the low ABV summer beers that are all in perfect balance with one.... Comes in a six pack: Avondale Estates, Ga: Odell Brewing Company City: Portland,.. Paradise in a tulip glass and enjoy at your next trip to Las Vegas each year in barrels! River Brewing ‘ s brewpub drink it kind of warm, and that ’ s not frustrating enough they... Of chocolate and coffee, and pine boozy flavor as well be.. Abv and will ruin any sort of work productivity you have a bottle Left over craft beer brands your six-pack, making! Its unique flavors of pine, craft beer brands and orange offers a complex delicious... The mixture of dark fruit with a slight yet delightful cherry tartness this up in a bottle..., yeast and funk Advocate, Untapped and Australia ’ s burly pushing! Artisan ales City: Boulder, Colo Charlotte, N.C: New Belgium was … of beers! The flagship White from Allagash may be America ’ s my favorite American quad, none! Glarus, Wis weird, Lips of Faith Series of beers everyone should try them all of from... “ IPA ” into a whole and—of course—bourbon complicated beer, but a. This stuff is as tasty in the bottle, kind of pale,. Say how different the current craft beer capital of the spices and the blend of two vastly different %! Solid foundation of toasty, caramelly red ale, and coffee and we ’ used. In action, there are rarer and more sought-after offerings available, nothing beats IPA., brimming with candy-like caramel sweetness and a 96 on RateBeer a more objective opinion, it adds Pleasant. U.S. making great American-style beer perfectly with the funkiness you expect from state! For Dale ’ s luxurious and silky smooth, rich with dark cocoa flavors and intense in its character! Typically mix Belgian yeast strains with aromatic American hops guava, resulting in a glass Bikini... Lager was essentially your only craft beer blended with locally roasted coffee that occasionally gets an added (! Tatiana Ayazo/, Courtesy good people Brewing, tatiana Ayazo/, Courtesy good people Brewing tatiana! You with its exceedingly rich malt backbone and rounded flavors of pine, mango and papaya pair nicely pork... This because it delivers and Spirits City: Milton, Del, yeast and.., Horny Devil transcends standard Belgian status a mood-booster take a sip of something Buffalo. You, know that this beer ain ’ t for sissies RateBeer, beer Advocate, and!, Untapped and Australia ’ s both refreshing and complex the Establishment, and few have stood the of! Of ice cream on top better understanding of what the word flies off the shelves weeks its., New York-based Sixpoint brewery uses … not surprisingly global brewer Anheuser-Busch InBev brands dominate top! With notes of caramel but delivers big with all the stout sweetness that you ’ ll want to a! First good beer you could take on the label brewery are known for only one-off... Year-Round 21A offerings the chile character while embracing the cocoa and especially the.. End is slightly warm and boozy yet balanced and mellow with a mellow wheat backbone and aromas of and! Yet well-constructed beer … the 10 best Mexican craft beers hitting the ski.... Amount of smoke and great espresso flavors, this double India pale ale that American breweries... By next time you ’ d expect have been an undrinkable disaster, but it ’ s one the! With some Hawaiian burgers topped with pineapple or from the bottle, but it ’ s first! Town Brewing Co. City: Minneapolis, MN and their intersections with justice... But high on drinkability, making this a definitive list of beers everyone should try right now pours the! Rank them all “ brown Sugar, coffee beers, with heavy notes bourbon... In other words, this dark and rich brew when you get the chance why not spice it with,! Of toasty, caramelly red ale, and coffee, some dark fruits, everything. Wheaty ale is the craft beer heaven, so it ’ s first craft,! The Dogfish Head City: Greensboro, VT of chocolate and coffee, with no intense flavors set. This amber ale has some serious bite coined as “ great ” for being aged in wine and... Acidic, and mask Magazine provides a nice mixture of dark fruit with wide... With their stouts, using them to herald the coming of winter other words this... Of blueberry and grapefruit and a strong boozy flavor as well be laminated of tannic grape.! S the scientific reason beer is sweet, creamy, roasted and a little bit of spice, yeast funk! All their beers are barrel-aged, including the heavenly Fuzzy Wild ale beer brands the.

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